NinjaTED 2023

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Musician Amanda Palmer

I originally posted about the first #ninjaTED and since then there have been three (or perhaps four) more. The most recent was last Wednesday and as always it was a … Read More

Echo & the Bunnymen

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Next stop on the trip down memory lane – Echo & the Bunnymen. I’ve never been a hardcore fan (and didn’t know that they’re still releasing new albums until I looked them up on … Read More


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My enthusiasm for Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman is well documented on this site so it should come as no surprise that Wednesday’s #ninjaTED event was the highlight of the week … Read More

Following Neil

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When I posted on Facebook that I had tickets to see Neil Gaiman, one of my friends commented “Isn’t Neil Gaiman an author?” to which I replied “Yes, but he’s … Read More