Quote of the Month – April

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“We gather in huge cities of concrete and steel, belching exhaust fumes into the sky and filling our nights with so much light that even the stars can’t compete. We’ve forgotten fear.”

AI vs Artists

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I occasionally post short films on a Friday, but this week, I’m going for something different – a documentary on “AI” image generators.

AI Art is Theft

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I still haven’t written my post about my thoughts on AI (mostly because I’m trying to work out how to express all those in less than 10,000 words). But if you follow me on social media (mostly Bluesky) you’ll know that I’m not a fan.

My 2023 – Movies

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I’m a real sucker for tracking things. Books I read, movies and TV shows, theatre trips, concerts… Everything gets logged somewhere.

So, when I discovered the movie tracking app, Letterboxd, it was a match made in movie heaven.

Farewell Twitter

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I don’t have a massive social media presence. I’ve slowly abandoned Facebook bar the occasional personal post, I’m on Instagram (I think) and I have an unused TikTok account, but Twitter was the one place I visited regularly. I didn’t Tweet a lot but I did a bit of signal boosting and retweeting. But like so many other people, I’m leaving for bluer skies.