AI Art is Theft

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I still haven’t written my post about my thoughts on generative “AI” (mostly because I’m still trying to work out how to express all those thoughts in less than 20,000 words). But if you follow me on social media (mostly Bluesky) you’ll know that I’m not a fan.

A few weeks back, Toronto artist, Jennifer Herd, made a post on Facebook urging people to use real artists instead of generative AI theft-bots. I shared it on my personal Facebook page which promoted a bit of a discussion but the original post went viral. (I don’t know how to link to Facebook posts directly, but you can find Jennifer’s page here –

It’s been years since I’ve bought any art (we already have plenty), but when I saw that Jennifer had created a print of the image she created for the post, I had to get one (or three).

They arrived this week, and they’re fantastic. They’re printed on high quality stock with great colours that don’t really show very well in my poorly lit photograph.

Three prints of a illustration of a woman in a blue hat and jacket holding a card that says "Your artist friend wants you to stop using AI apps."

If you’d like to get your own print and support a real human artist at the same time, you can get them here –

And while you’re there you can check out this fantastic cat comic.

[AI Art is Theft by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 15th April 2024]

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