Echo & the Bunnymen

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Next stop on the trip down memory lane – Echo & the Bunnymen. I’ve never been a hardcore fan (and didn’t know that they’re still releasing new albums until I looked them up on Wikipedia) but when I saw they were playing The Commodore in Vancouver, and that my wife was interested in seeing them, I plonked down my credit card and threw their albums on my iPod.

The gig was almost sold out and The Commodore dance floor was packed by the time they took the stage. We took sanctuary up on the balcony and managed to snag seats – always a bonus at The Commodore.

The ninety minute set was excellent, even though I didn’t know the songs particularly well. They played a mix of Bunnymen tracks and a few classic covers including People Are Strange which brought with it another trip down memory lane to The Lost Boys.

The crowd, though enthusiastic, were fairly static (at least until they got to The Cutter) and they didn’t play my favourite song, Crocodiles, but still, it was a good night.


[Echo & the Bunnymen by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 6th August 2014]

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