Out Now – Monstro

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Okay, technically this came out last year but I completely forgot to post here so you get the Out Now post a few months late. Monstro is a short story set in the world of my Serial Killer Z series. If you’ve read the fourth book, Shadows, then you’ll recognize the name. Set in Hollywood at the beginning of the zombie outbreak, this story fills in Monstro’s (and Otto’s) backround. If you haven’t read the Serial Killer Z books, then Monstro is a good standalone introduction to the world. Monstro is available now, along with a bunch of other very cool zombie stories, in the Run from the Dead from Angry Eagle Publishing. Until next time. Stay safe. [Out Now – Monstro by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 20th February 2022]

Out Now – Pod Fifteen

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Things are trucking along nicely at Chez Harris. I’ve almost wrapped up the first draft of the next Serial Killer Z book and I have a steady release schedule for the next few months. First up is the standalone publication of my science fiction horror story – Pod Fifteen. Ellis Osako is piloting the Redhawk across deep space with nothing but an AI and a cargo hold full of dead bodies for company. Haunted by his past, he spends his time trying to guess the identities of the dead around him. Until he finds the woman in pod fifteen, and Ellis is forced to face his demons and the fact that he may no longer be alone. Pod Fifteen first appeared in Tales of the Canyons of the Damned Issue 14 and it’s one of my favourite short stories I’ve written. I was going for a blend of Alien and the Japanese horror movie, The Ring, and I’m very happy with how it turned out. You can grab your copy for 99c from Amazon right now. The other retailers will be coming soon. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE COPY OF INFECTION [Out Now – Pod Fifteen by Philip Harris first appeared … Read More

Out Now – Serial Killer Z: Shadows

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Looking for some fresh zombie action? Fan of serial killers (fictional or otherwise)? Read the first two Serial Killer Z books? Then I’ve got great news for you. The third book in my new series, Serial Killer Z: Shadows, is out now on Amazon Kindle. For a limited time, all of the Serial Killer Z books are discounted to 99c/99p or the equivalent in your country. Serial Killer Z Serial Killer Z: Sanctuary Serial Killer Z: Shadows Save yourself a few by picking them up now. Also for a limited time, I’m giving away the prequel to the series, Serial Killer Z: Infection. To get your copy, just sign up to my mailing list by clicking here. Secrets are never forgotten Marcus Black is a killer. He hides behind a mask of humanity, preying on the living and the dead to feed the shadow that lives within him. When the outbreak began he fled to the mountains, but someone out there knows his true identity, and they’ve summoned him back to the city. Now the shadow is missing, and without it, he’s lost. Returning home, Marcus finds the city has changed. The military run brutal work camps while the rich throw parties. … Read More

Out Now – Serial Killer Z: Sanctuary

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It’s launch day! Serial Killer Z Book 2, better known as Serial Killer Z: Sanctuary is available now on Amazon Kindle. Sanctuary kicks off a couple of weeks after the end of the events in Serial Killer Z. Marcus has found a new home and is back to his zombie-killing ways. Unfortunately for him, the outside world has a habit of intruding on the lives of serial killers who just want to live a nice, quiet, bloody life. For a limited time, you can get Serial Killer Z: Sanctuary for 99c/99p or the equivalent in your country. Save yourself a couple of bucks by picking it up now. Also for a limited time, I’m giving away the prequel to the series, Serial Killer Z: Infection. To get your copy, just sign up to my mailing list by clicking here. The dead are not the only threat. After being forced to leave the safety of Camp Redfern, serial killer, Marcus Black, has found himself a new home. Hidden in a cave deep in the mountains, he’s free to unleash his true self and hunt the dead that infest the world. When a chance encounter with a group of scavengers turns violent, Marcus flees to a … Read More

Out Now – Serial Killer Z

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I’ve been looking forward to this day for months – the first book in my new series, Serial Killer Z, is finally available from Amazon. Serial Killer Z is my big project for 2017, and I’ve got the next two books ready to go. Book Two, Sanctuary, will be released in about a month’s time, and the preorder will go up soon. I’ve just wrapped up some edits on the third book and it’s lined up for an early December launch. For a limited time, Serial Killer Z, is just 99c Click here to get your copy or read or free through Kindle Unlimited. For some, the zombies are a good thing. The man who calls himself Marcus Black was a killer. He stalked the city, hunting those he deemed guilty and executing them for their imagined crimes. Now he’s just trying to survive in a zombie infested world. With the dead a constant threat, Marcus is forced to suppress his true self and fight against the shadow that lives inside him. Losing that fight will leave him exposed and could cost him his life. When he discovers an abandoned camp deep in the forest Marcus believes he’s finally found a home. A place … Read More

Out Now – Pod Fifteen

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It’s been an action packed couple of months here at chez Harris and the thrills keep coming with the release of Tales from the Canyons of the Damned in Space 3 featuring my story, Pod Fifteen. As you can probably guess from the cover, Pod Fifteen is a creepy science fiction tale. It features ship’s pilot Ellis, an AI and a cargo hold full of corpses. I don’t want to spoil anything about the story, but suffice to say, things don’t quite go according to plan. This Fourteenth issue of Tales from the Canyons of the Damned consists of Four sharp, suspenseful, thought provoking short stories—each from a different featured master of speculative fiction. Philip Harris invites us on a journey with Pod Fifteen. Ernie Howard takes us to court with Cosmic Jury Duty. In his tale Historic, Paul K. Swardstrom shows us that the past is always near. And Daniel Arthur Smith shares the third episode of The Off World Kick Murder Squad Dark Sci Fi Slipstream Tales like you’ve never read before. I’m a big fan of Paul, Ernie and Daniel’s writing so it’s a real pleasure to have a story appear alongside them in the latest in this fantastic series of publications. … Read More

Out Now – The Girl in the Machine

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Today’s the day. Two years after the launch of The Girl in the City, the third and final book in the Leah King Trilogy, The Girl in the Machine, is available on Amazon. In a lot of ways, The Girl in the City was an accidental book. I hadn’t planned on writing it, but an idea centred around an event in Michael Bunker’s Pennsylvania series stuck in my mind. At that point, it wasn’t much more than the image of a young girl fleeing the city. I didn’t really know why she was running or what she was running from, and I can’t go into what appealed to me about the idea so much without entering spoiler territory. Suffice to say, Ethel the Muse was quite taken with this little scenario and wouldn’t shut up about it. Eventually, I gave in and wrote a novella in the hope it would scratch that particular itch and I could get back to working on Glitch Mitchell and the Unseen Planet. I wasn’t even going to publish it, but Michael encouraged me and in the end I went ahead, got a cover, had it edited and proofread and published it. Back then it had a different cover. I thought that would be it, … Read More

Out Now – UnCommon Minds

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The UnCommon Minds anthology was released today and is already getting some excellent reviews. This is the third of the UnCommon series of anthologies and it’s a cracking collection. My contribution, Sitala, is about a young girl called Mika. While out scavenging at the edge of a retreating ocean, she discovers the remains of a crashed spacecraft. At first, it’s just an opportunity to find salvage she can trade for food, but deep within the ship she finds unexpected life and a mind with a tale to tell and memories to share. The ebook is available on Amazon right now. Enter into the hidden world of the mind, where the laws of nature don’t apply and nothing is as it seems. Straight from the minds of 20 UnCommon Authors come tales of tragedy, triumph, and bittersweet gratitude. You’ll find augmented realities and mental persuasion that force you to question everything. Stories of military suspense, psychological horror, dream walkers, and psychic mediums await their turn to crawl into your head. “Inamorata” by J.D. Harpley “Chief Canis and the Helpful Locals” by Patrick S. Baker “The Arms of Mother” by Harlow C. Fallon “Trouble Signs” by Jonathan Shipley “Juliet’s Possessions” by Erica Ruhe “Through Dreams She … Read More

Time is Running Out

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Just a quick Public Service Announcement – There’s now less than 48 hours to go before The Girl in the City goes back up to its normal price. And of course, for a limited time, The Girl in the Wilderness is available for 99c/99p (or the lowest price I can set in other countries) so you can get both for less than the price of something from the dollar store. Sign up for my newsletter and get a year of stories, completely free. CLICK HERE to get started. [Time is Running Out by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 7th October 2016]