We Have a Winner – CAvE

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Friday the thirteenth turned out to be lucky for me – my science fiction flash story CAvE has been accepted by Nebula Rift magazine. I’m not sure when it will be out yet but obviously I’ll be posting here when it’s available. Fun Fact: This will be the second time I’ve appeared in a FictionMagazines.com title. The first time was in their eHorror magazine with Happin3ss101.com. [We Have a Winner – CAvE by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on Friday the 13th(!) June 2014]

We Have a Winner – Artificial Wife

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I got a great email from the editor of The Story Shack, Martin Hooijmans, this morning. He’s accepted my science fiction flash fiction – Artificial Wife. Not sure when it will be published yet but it will get an illustration which is pretty cool. That makes seven years in a row where I’ve had at least one story published. Also cool. [We Have a Winner – Artificial Wife by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 27th May 2014]

We Have a Winner – The Bone Boy

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Getting any writing done this week was always going to be a challenge. I have a couple of secret prototypes underway for my day job, I’m giving a keynote presentation in a couple weeks that I need to work on and our marathon training is starting to ramp up. To make things even tougher, at the beginning of the week I had four writing projects with looming deadlines: A 1,000 word flash story for the Brevity Workshop The Bone Boy In the Shadow of Memories An untitled monster story Most of my labour day weekend got taken up with the prototype work so I decided to take an extra day off work and focus on writing. That strategy worked very well and on Tuesday I wrote and submitted the first draft of the flash story (working title – The Ride) and finished off In the Shadow of Memories. I also wrote a review of a password manager called DashLane that I’ll post here at some point. All that writing meant I was able to use Wednesday evening to revise The Bone Boy and get it ready to submit on Thursday morning. As any short fiction writer will tell you, it can take a very … Read More

We Have a Winner – Origami Man

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Monday was an excellent day. Not one, but two acceptances. Science fiction and fantasy journal, Hogglepot, has accepted Origami Man and it should be up on the site in the middle of May. That’s the fifth story that I’ve found a home for this year, equaling last year’s total – which is nice. [The article We Have a Winner – Origami Man by Philip Harris originally appeared on Solitary Mindset on March 19th, 2013]

We Have a Winner – Aftermath

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Great news to start off the week, The Were-Traveler has accepted my drabble, Aftermath. Now I’m off to answer some questions from an editor – which may or may not result in another acceptance – time will tell.

We Have Winners

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A couple of new acceptances to report – which makes me very happy. New magazine Ibexian has accepted my horror story, Night Man is Waiting for their inaugural issue and eHorror has accepted a horror-with-a-dash-of-science-fiction-tale called Happin3ss101.com. There’s been a bunch of rejections alongside those acceptances of course and somehow I managed to forget I’d received a rejection from one of my favourite magazines so when I found it again I got to experience the disappointment for a second time. Not ideal. Still, we’ll ignore the rejections for now (although I do have a post about rejection to make at some point). I managed to squeak out 759 words of The Ghost Smuggler on Sunday which was actually pretty good – for some reason I was extremely tired. I also revised my Valentine’s Day story, The Ordeal (Season One, Episode Thirteen) and I think it’s pretty close to being ready to send out. Tonight I’m planning on spending some more quality time with The Ghost Smuggler, I’ve already come up with some revisions to my rewrite that I think will make things even tighter. Thanks to Writing Excuses for keeping me focused on “in early, out late”. At the very least, I want to get past the 4,000 … Read More

We Have a Winner – Piece Number 7

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Just breaking unscheduled radio silence for news of my fifth acceptance of the year – my novella Piece Number 7 has been accepted by Garbled Transmissions. Most of the time I’m hopeless at working out what genre my stories are and Piece Number 7 is a case in point. If you backed me into a corner and threatened me with lions I’d say it’s magical realism but who knows? It’s a story about a series of recordings that have a dramatic effect on the listener and a record producer’s quest to find out the truth behind the legend of their composer, Gustav Lang. It’s the longest non-novel story I’ve written and one of my favourites. Not sure when it will be published but I’ll post here when it is. Now, back to our unscheduled radio silence.