Twitter is Great

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I don’t use Twitter that much but I do enjoy the bizarre nature of some of the interactions. Yesterday morning, one of Vancouver’s seagulls was sitting right outside my window and making a … Read More

Ahoy There, New Website!

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Well, after several hours of installing, tweaking, tuning, throwing away and restarting (and a few minor flashes of inspiration) the website is back with its shiny new look. Like all the … Read More

Construction Ahead

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I’m going to be redesigning the website over the next few days which will probably mean pages will be broken/ugly/missing. But it should be much nicer once it’s finished. I’ll also be … Read More

Echo & the Bunnymen

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Next stop on the trip down memory lane – Echo & the Bunnymen. I’ve never been a hardcore fan (and didn’t know that they’re still releasing new albums until I looked them up on … Read More

Nothing to See Here

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What running shoe problem? I don’t have a running shoe problem.   At least I use them for something positive. [Nothing to See Here by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on … Read More