Jack White at Deer Lake Park

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Last night’s Jack White gig was, predictably, excellent but it was a very different gig to the last time we saw him. And not just because it was an outdoor venue. Not one to simply wander out on stage and play a bunch of tracks from his latest album, White and his band played a raucous set that jumped from The White Stripes to The Raconteurs to his solo work and back to The White Stripes. Every song was tweaked and rearranged (and seemed to end about three times) until they were almost unrecognisable. The end result was a loud, energetic and at times chaotic show that left us smiling and humming  Seven Nation Army, still not quite able to believe the record company were reluctant to release it as a single. There was even a theremin! Not only White on top form, but he was supported by Curtis Harding, who was also fantastic. I can usually take or leave supporting acts but Harding played a great set and had us tapping our feet and heading to iTunes to check out his albums. All in all, a great evening that made the forty minute walk to get to the venue well worthwhile. [Jack White at Deer Lake Park by … Read More

High Ball Stepper – Jack White

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As I’m going to be seeing Jack White live tomorrow, it seemed like an appropriate time for this.   Jack White’s latest album is called Lazaretto and there are still tickets available for tomorrow’s gig at Deer Lake in Burnaby, BC [High Ball Stepper – Jack White by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 27th August 2014]

Drink the Water – Justin Cross

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I’d never heard of Justin Cross but this video got my attention very quickly. And this is the full length version of The Backwater Gospel, the film used to create the music video.   The album is available on Bandcamp which is an excellent way to support musicians directly. [Drink the Water – Justin Cross by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 20th August 2014]

Eliza – Peter Murphy

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There’s a long tradition of goth bands writing songs that use a one word female name for the title – Laura, Marian, Alice and Christine to name some of my favourites. I doubt Peter Murphy would class his solo work as goth but the audiences at his gigs quite often fit that label. Either way, his latest album, Lion, includes this track – Eliza – and the sad old goth inside me approves. [Eliza – Peter Murphy by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 23rd July 2014]

Jack White – Lazaretto

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Jack White has released the official video for the title song from his new album – Lazaretto. I’m a big fan of his first album, Blunderbuss, and I’m looking forward to this new one as well. Hopefully he’ll be doing another tour, we were fortunate enough to see him play Vancouver a couple of years ago and it was phenomenal. [Jack White – Lazaretto by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 4th June 2014]

“I don’t love you but I always will”

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The Civil Wars are best known for their hit Barton Hollow, and deservedly so. But I also really like Poison & Wine. Probably because Johnny Depp is in the video.* They do a pretty mean version of Billie Jean as well. *No he isn’t. [“I don’t love you but I always will” by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 30th April 2014]

“Heavy is the cost”

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I’m not a hardcore fan of Stars (the band, not the celestial bodies – I have nothing but good things to say about those) but I do have some of their albums and I throw them on in the car if I’m in the mood. There’s a bit of a The Smiths/Morrissey vibe to their lyrics that appeals to the sad old goth in me. This song, Personal, is one of my favourites and I usually skip back and listen to it a couple of times when it comes on. As far as I know, there isn’t an official video but here’s an unofficial one created by a film student. I agree with one of the YouTube comments that the actress seems too young, but otherwise its pretty good.   [“Heavy is the cost” by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 23rd April 2014]

Five Things I Learned Last Week

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Happy March. Here’s some things I learned last week. I’m doing revision wrong. One of my favourite sessions at last weekend’s WANACon virtual writing conference was Gabriela Periera and Julie Duffy’s Simple System to Rock Your Revisions. It made me realise I’ve been mixing up character, structural and line edits. That’s not a smart thing to do because the the broad edits will change so much that the lines you’re editing may well change. Do character and structural edits first. Shero is a word. People use it. Where to get images for this blog. WANACommons is a collection of photos that can be safely used on blogs as long as you give credit. There are some really nice photos, like this Squirrel from tdthread. Posting a Gratuitous Kitten Picture gets hits. I like Meg Myers’ Music. Thanks to John Scalzi I bought both of Meg Myers albums and I really like them. Particularly these songs : When I first heard Tennessee I labelled it as one I was likely to skip over but then I listened to it in the car on the way to work and fell in love with the lyrics. [Five Things I Learned Last Week by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset … Read More