Quote of the Month – May

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“When you jump off a cliff, is it better to land on jagged rocks or burning lava? I know this one. The answer is obvious: It doesn’t matter where you land. You just jumped off a cliff.” from Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey

Quote of the Month – April

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“We gather in huge cities of concrete and steel, belching exhaust fumes into the sky and filling our nights with so much light that even the stars can’t compete. We’ve forgotten fear.”

So Far, So Good

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I’m currently running a sale on all three of the Serial Killer Z books (discounting them from $4.99 to 99c/99p or whatever the equivalent is in your part of the world).

The sale really kicked off on Sunday and so far, the results have been great.

Big Serial Killer Z Sale

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Covers of the three Serial Killer Z books. Serial Killer Z, Sanctuary, and Shadows

If you subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Bluesky, you’ll know that a few weeks ago I was due to run a Bookbub promotion on the first Serial Killer Z book. Bookbub promos are a) very hard to get and b) very expensive. Which made it particularly annoying when technical difficulties at Amazon prevented me from discounting the book, meaning the promo automatically got cancelled, leaving me hundreds of dollars out of pocket.