A Farewell to Glitch Mitchell

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I’m doing a bit of a reset of my indie publishing career at the moment and part of that process involves cleaning up my back catalogue.

Currently, I have horror novels and short stories, a kid-friendly episodic science fiction novel and its short story sequel, and a short novella and two novels that form a young adult science fiction trilogy. All those books have been successful, but they’ve been out a while and sales have slowed to glacial pace.

Indie publishing is a business and advertising is key to keeping book sales alive. Having a mix of genres makes it harder and more expensive to reach readers. And it confuses the almighty algorithms that drive visibility on Amazon which makes things even harder.

So, in an effort to focus my attention and simplify things for our robot overlords, I’m going to be unpublishing everything apart from my horror novels and short stories.

First to go is my homage to the old science fiction serials, Glitch Mitchell and the Unseen Planet. Unseen Planet was my first full length indie release and it has an amazing cover by M.S. Corley. It’s a fast-paced science fiction adventure and unlike the rest of my books, definitely kid friendly. I’ve got a real soft spot for this one. It was great fun to write, it’s been used in classrooms and my friend’s son picked it as one of a very limited number of books he was allowed to take with him to camp.

There’s also Glitch Mitchell and the Island of Terror which is a short story that was originally published in the Jurassic Chronicles anthology. It’s a standalone tale, but it features the same characters from the novel. It’s another fun story, this time with dinosaurs.

Both ebooks will be coming down at the end of this month so I’ve dropped them to 99c (or the local equivalent) for anyone who’d like to help give Glitch a big sendoff and pick them up before they disappear.

Get Glitch Mitchell and the Unseen Planet on Kindle here and Glitch Mitchell and the Island of Terror here.

[A Farewell to Glitch Mitchell by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 15th April 2024]

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