Meet Perlo

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My wife and I are currently fostering this little guy.

A cute cat looking out of a cupboard. He's white with a few patches of ginger.

His name’s Perlo. He’s originally from Saudi Arabia and had to have reconstructive surgery on his jaw when he was younger. Perlo claims it was because he was attacked by a desert fox, but I think it’s far more likely that it was to change his identity so that he could smuggle $2 billion worth of diamonds out of the country.

A cute cat curled up in a grey cat bed. He's white with a few patches of ginger.

Either way, he’s very affectionate, loves spending time curled up on a lap, purrs like a tractor, and is very fond of chin skritches.

Finding forever homes for cats in foster homes is really hard because they don’t get a chance to meet people and win them over. So, if you live in the Vancouver, Canada area and have a quiet, pet-free house that Perlo could call home, you can arrange to meet him through Catoro Pets.

I haven’t been able to get him to tell me where the diamonds are, but maybe you could?

A cute cat lying on a desk to prevent me from working. He's white with a few patches of ginger.

[Meet Perlo by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 1st July 2024]

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