Out Now – Artificial Wife

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I’m very pleased to announce I have a new story out. This one’s another science fiction flash piece called Artificial Wife and you can read it for free on the Story Shack Magazine website. Unbelievably, this is my twentieth publication so I’m especially happy that it also has a cool illustration by Michael Ilkiw. As usual, I won’t spoil the plot but here’s the opening. Most of the time I can almost believe she’s real. She’s not, she’s a Mark IV Remote Surrogate – a “mote”. My real wife, Annabel, is back on Earth but the mote’s a perfect copy, identical in every way; despite the fact that my wife encouraged me to mix things up a bit and “enhance” a couple of key attributes. If you do read it (it’s not long so it’s not a big investment), drop me a comment either here or on Story Shack to let me know what you thought. [Out Now – Artificial Wife by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 17th July 2014]

We Have a Winner – Artificial Wife

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I got a great email from the editor of The Story Shack, Martin Hooijmans, this morning. He’s accepted my science fiction flash fiction – Artificial Wife. Not sure when it will be published yet but it will get an illustration which is pretty cool. That makes seven years in a row where I’ve had at least one story published. Also cool. [We Have a Winner – Artificial Wife by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 27th May 2014]

McSweeney’s Writing Advice

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Just a quick update today – I’m full of butter chicken, we’re about to watch Where The Wild Things Are and I have a story to edit – but I wanted to pass on this link to The Ultimate Guide To Writing Better Than You Normally Do on the McSweeney’s website; well worth a read. The last few days have been pretty successful writing wise, I’ve finished the final drafts of Rainshine, Artificial Wife and In His Tomb of Books which leaves one more story – Fresh Things – to edit tonight. That will leave my unfinished folder empty so that I can finally start on the rewrite of The Ghost Smuggler. At some point over the last few days I broke through 100,000 words of short fiction (ignoring my abandoned stories) which is pretty cool. I’ve also discovered that I’m missing the files for one or two stories (strangely, ones that have been published). I’ll have to dig around in my backups and see if I can find them. I also have some old stories that I may resurrect in the near future and start getting them out into the world. Anyway, time to work on Fresh Things.

Back From The Dead

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Time flies when you’re living in a self-imposed creative wasteland. It’s been three months since my last real update and since then I’ve been to several plays including two musicals, seen a couple of fantastic musicians live listened to a lot of great new music, backed loads of kickstarter projects, watched some hockey but not as much as I would have liked, eaten in some nice restaurants, injured my foot, run a marathon and signed up for a second one, watched some really good films (and awesome videos), seen the batmobile, read some great books and a lot of short stories but written nothing. The Evil Dead Claim Another Victim*  However, a couple of weeks ago we went away to Desolation Sound for a short break to recharge and I ended up writing the first drafts of a couple of new stories – This is Not the Apocalypse You’re Looking For and Artificial Wife. Desolation Sound  That burst of creativity (and the amazing location) swept away the cobwebs and since then I’ve been masterminding a plan to get writing back into my regular schedule. The first step was to clear out all my almost finished stories so I’ve spent the last few days revising Origami Man, Rainshine and … Read More