Was It Something I Ate?

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Not an enjoyable day yesterday – let’s leave it at that. I forgot to mention yesterday that we went to see Prometheus on Sunday. I won’t join the hordes of people reviewing the film but I will say that while it’s not the best movie I’ve ever seen, I did enjoy it. It’s not Alien and it’s not Aliens but it’s still worth seeing. Despite the distraction I alluded to earlier, I did manage to find some time to write another 1337 words on The Ghost Smuggler – which is nice – and only 196 of those words were directly salvaged from the original draft which is also nice. I’m not completely happy with what I have so far, although it does feel a lot tighter than the original so that’s a step in the right direction. Of course, I don’t know if that’s because I’m over analyzing or if there’s still work to be done. I’m going to press on and see how things shape up.

McSweeney’s Writing Advice

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Just a quick update today – I’m full of butter chicken, we’re about to watch Where The Wild Things Are and I have a story to edit – but I wanted to pass on this link to The Ultimate Guide To Writing Better Than You Normally Do on the McSweeney’s website; well worth a read. The last few days have been pretty successful writing wise, I’ve finished the final drafts of Rainshine, Artificial Wife and In His Tomb of Books which leaves one more story – Fresh Things – to edit tonight. That will leave my unfinished folder empty so that I can finally start on the rewrite of The Ghost Smuggler. At some point over the last few days I broke through 100,000 words of short fiction (ignoring my abandoned stories) which is pretty cool. I’ve also discovered that I’m missing the files for one or two stories (strangely, ones that have been published). I’ll have to dig around in my backups and see if I can find them. I also have some old stories that I may resurrect in the near future and start getting them out into the world. Anyway, time to work on Fresh Things.

Back From The Dead

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Time flies when you’re living in a self-imposed creative wasteland. It’s been three months since my last real update and since then I’ve been to several plays including two musicals, seen a couple of fantastic musicians live listened to a lot of great new music, backed loads of kickstarter projects, watched some hockey but not as much as I would have liked, eaten in some nice restaurants, injured my foot, run a marathon and signed up for a second one, watched some really good films (and awesome videos), seen the batmobile, read some great books and a lot of short stories but written nothing. The Evil Dead Claim Another Victim*  However, a couple of weeks ago we went away to Desolation Sound for a short break to recharge and I ended up writing the first drafts of a couple of new stories – This is Not the Apocalypse You’re Looking For and Artificial Wife. Desolation Sound  That burst of creativity (and the amazing location) swept away the cobwebs and since then I’ve been masterminding a plan to get writing back into my regular schedule. The first step was to clear out all my almost finished stories so I’ve spent the last few days revising Origami Man, Rainshine and … Read More

Plague Ridden

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It turns out hanging out with 22,499 other video game developers is a good way to catch a really evil cold. I suppose it’s a good excuse to catch up on some reading.  

Two Down

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Having spent far too long on Saturday’s blog post the rest of the weekend was dedicated to editing – I want to get all my in-progress stories cleaned up and out of the way before I start revising The Ghost Smuggler. I wrapped up the newly renamed science fiction tale – For the Queen’s Amusement (previously called The Queen’s Toys). That one’s already been submitted. I also did a last-but-one draft of The Origami Man (also known as Origami Man and Paperboy). This one’s a little bit hard to describe but I think it has a bit of a fairy tale feel to it. I’ve passed it off to my wife – she’s my first reader and I rely on her for weeding out and typos or grammatical errors I’ve missed along the way. This will be my last post this week, I’m heading out to San Francisco for a few days to the Game Developer’s Conference. GDC is a big event – developers from all around the world converge to talk game development (and drink). This is the first time I’ve been able to attend so I’m looking forward to it.

Clarion (un)Call

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Today is the last day for applications to the Clarion and Clarion West writers workshops. I’ve applied for the first time this year so please don’t get your applications in by midnight tonight (PST) – the less competition I have the better.

Aaaaaaaannnd…I’m Back

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It’s been a very busy couple of months to start the year – not least because of my day job. The twin demands of finishing off a game the size and complexity of SSX and training for my first marathon has meant that writing has had to take a back seat. That’s about to change though. I’ve got five stories to revise, nineteen more I can submit (although some of those have ‘retired’) and a novel to rewrite. But first, I need to work out why WordPress is behaving strangely. Maybe it’s upset I’ve been neglecting it. Oh, and Happy Leap Day.

Still Alive

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Yes, I am still alive. It’s been a hectic three weeks of travel, reading, gaming, movies, running, theater and day job and I’m only just coming back up for air. Now it’s time to slice out some time for writing…

A @GreatDismal Evening

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Last week was pretty much overwhelmed by my day job – lots of late evenings trying to keep all the plates spinning. As a result running and writing both fell by the wayside and that’s going to continue to be the case for the next couple of weeks while we finish off our latest title and get a couple of new projects fired up. Wednesday was the exception though; we braved the Vancouver rain to see William Gibson at the latest Incite event at the Vancouver Public Library. Okay, so it’s only about four blocks from home so it wasn’t much of a sacrifice, but still…rain. Incite is a series of literary events organised by the Vancouver International Writers Festival and they’re free, which meant getting there early to make sure we got a decent seat – in this case a prime position in the second row. Mr Gibson was there to promote his latest book – Distrust That Particular Flavor – a collection of non-fiction essays culled from magazines, websites and speeches. He read a short chapter from the book in between questions from the VIWF Artistic Director, Hal Wake, and the audience. Topics ranged from his reluctance to publish non-fiction to the appeal … Read More

Winter Wonderland

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Thankfully, the Arctic inspired storms that have engulfed Canada over the last week didn’t really hit Vancouver. It did get cold – down to -11c and not that much higher in the day. There were a couple of days of snow, just enough to cause chaos on the roads but it’s pretty much gone now. Plenty off snow on the mountains though, which makes the skiers and snow boarders happy As demonstrated by my lack of blogging, this week has been dedicated to day job work – we’re just wrapping up our latest project which means lots of planning for the next project. There was also two trips to the dentist (one aborted, one actual) and lots of running. I did manage to scrape together a spectacular 292 words on Monday though. Not an auspicious start to the writing year but still…better than nothing. That was my meager attempt at the story Ethel the Muse dropped into my lap a few days ago. I’m happy with those words though and the story is pretty short so I’m hoping to get the first draft wrapped up this weekend. No title yet though. Oh, and I fixed our bathroom tap.