Year One

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This blog is now a year old and it’s been an interesting twelve months. I’ve had four stories accepted, run two marathons and shipped four new videogames. On the down side, I haven’t written anywhere near as much as I did the year before and I haven’t finished my rewrite of The Ghost Smuggler.

As for the next year, it remains to be seen how much writing I do. Despite having my most successful year as far as acceptances go, I’m struggling to find the motivation to continue writing. I’m on the verge of officially taking a break – or stopping completely – but I still have that manuscript to rewrite and I hate leaving things unfinished. I also had a new idea for a story a couple of days ago and I’d really like to try writing that so there may be more writing in my future…time will tell.

In the meantime, comments and feedback are always welcome.

“My door is open wide, some kind of stranger come inside”.


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