“I can see you don’t approve”

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I forget where I discovered Johnette Napolitano’s “Exquisite Corpses” album but I remember bouncing off it the first time I listened to it. I think it was because there’s a few spoken word, story tracks that are very distracting if I’m trying to work to music.

And then the randomization genie on Apple Music served me up this track. I found the album again and gave it another listen. Now I’m hooked.

Music for Writing [Part II]

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I’ve been using Apple Music to build up a writing playlist for a long time now and it currently stands at 2326 song or 4.5 days of music. That’s pretty good. Of course, I quite often jump to my favourite albums and I listen to them over and over a lot of the time. There have been a few cases recently where I started listening to the soundtrack for a film before I’d seen it and listened to it so much that it made the film seem very familiar.

“See it. Say it. Sort It.”

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This was recorded on a phone in a noisy British train station so the quality is hit and miss but it’s well worth persevering through the public announcer at the beginning.