My 2023 – Movies

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I’m a real sucker for tracking things. Books I read, movies and TV shows, theatre trips, concerts… Everything gets logged somewhere.

So, when I discovered the movie tracking app, Letterboxd, it was a match made in movie heaven.

A Year of Not Writing

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Last year was pretty much a complete bust when it came to personal writing. I did a lot of very cool writing in my day job, but I managed a mere 10,485 words on my own projects. That’s the lowest since I started tracking wordcounts in 2012.

Farewell Twitter

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I don’t have a massive social media presence. I’ve slowly abandoned Facebook bar the occasional personal post, I’m on Instagram (I think) and I have an unused TikTok account, but Twitter was the one place I visited regularly. I didn’t Tweet a lot but I did a bit of signal boosting and retweeting. But like so many other people, I’m leaving for bluer skies.

“Everyone is laughing but me”

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I’m surprised I haven’t already posted this because it’s one of my favourite songs but I’m going to fix that right now. It’s also a pretty depressing song which to be honest is probably part of why I like it so much.