Two Nights in New Orleans – A Snippet

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I’m currently revising some of my short stories for a collection I’ll be releasing later this year, and I thought I’d post some unedited snippets here. This is from Two Nights in New Orleans, a story that was originally published in a magazine produced by the British Fantasy Society…

Two Nights in New Orleans

Annabel held her breath, “Are you a vampire?”

The man stared at Annabel, the smile returning to his lips. This time she managed to hold his gaze. The world around her faded to nothing and Annabel thought they might sit there all night, but after a few seconds he looked away, out across the stone sea of the cemetery.

Belinda shifted position, rearranged the black lace of her new dress and leant back against the tomb, “So what’s your name?”

“Ah. That’s an interesting question.”

Belinda looked unimpressed, “Is it?”

“What do you think my name should be?”

Annabel shook her head, “I’ve no idea.”

“Go on, indulge me. Christen me.”

Annabel looked at him for a moment before latching onto a name, “Simon.”

“Really? I look like a Simon? Well I can’t say I’ve ever been called Simon.”

“You look like a Versailles to me,” said Belinda, “that’s a perfect vampire name.”

The man raised his eyebrows, “Really? Versailles. Very European. It’s got a nice romantic feel, and you’re right, there is an Anne Rice edge to it, but surely if I was a Versailles I would be in the French Quarter, sipping coffee in Café du Monde and listening to the Jazz musicians. No, wait, I’d be in a smoky little cellar bar in some tiny side street off Bourbon, brooding in the corner with a bottle of Chartreuse or maybe Absinthe,” he paused, considering the image. “Yes, the green fairy. That would be just perfect for a Versailles.”

You can read all of this story, and a bunch of others in my upcoming collection.

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[Two Nights in New Orleans – A Snippet by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 23rd March 2017]

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