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To celebrate the launch of my science fiction novellaThe Girl in the City (available from Amazon for 99c/99p – US UK Canada) I’ve decided to make all three of my Kindle short stories free for the next couple of days. And of course, you can get a free copy of Only Friends by subscribing to my newsletter.


[raw] Curfew [/raw]

Violent gangs roam the streets of a city in chaos, preying on the innocent and the careless. Friends die. Family die.

But there are worse things in the darkness. Worse things beyond the curfew.

Download for free from Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada

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[raw] Saviour [/raw]

For Yuki, the cave is a sanctuary. It’s somewhere she can shelter from the deadly heat of the sun until winter comes.

If she can survive that long.

Download for free from Amazon US, Amazon UKAmazon Canada

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Bottled Lightning

[raw] Bottled Lightning [/raw]

For husband and wife team, Alex and Lisa, the trip across the volcanoes of Mars is a chance to escape the monotony of life at Gale Crater.

But now they’ve found something, or someone, and everything is about to change.

Download for free from Amazon US, Amazon UKAmazon Canada

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Only Friends

[raw] Saviour [/raw]

My short story, Only Friends was originally published in The Anthology of European SF.

It’s an enigmatic little tale, there’s several ways you can interpret it, and I’m always interested to hear what people think once they’ve read it.

The anthology is no longer available but you can get a free copy of the eBook edition of Only Friends by subscribing to my newsletter.

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Curfew, Saviour and Bottled Lightning will only be free for the next couple of days.

If you do pick them up, I’d love to hear what you think of them. Just comment here or get in touch via my contact form or newsletter.

[Four Free Books by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 2nd February 2015]

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