“Faith for bricks and dreams for mortar”

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The font used on the Saviour cover is very close to Caslon Antique which to me will always be “The Sisters of Mercy font” – it’s the typeface used in their logo and on many of their record covers. The Sisters of Mercy were (and still are) one of my favourite bands. I was introduced to them by a friend who gave me a tape (yes, a cassette tape) of goth music and said “you wear a lot of black, you’ll like this.” I’d never really identified myself as a goth (I just really like black) but he was right. That tape kicked off my love affair with goth music and The Sisters of Mercy featured prominently. I’ve probably listened to their goth anthem, This Corrosion, hundreds of times and they’re still the only band that I’ve followed cross country to watch multiple times in a single tour. In my twenties I was a singer in a couple of bands and my vocal style owed a lot to the Sisters’ lead singer (and the only consistent member of the band), Andrew Eldritch – mostly because I can’t really sing properly. The only video I have of me singing is one of those bands (Spirithouse) performing a cover … Read More

Eliza – Peter Murphy

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There’s a long tradition of goth bands writing songs that use a one word female name for the title – Laura, Marian, Alice and Christine to name some of my favourites. I doubt Peter Murphy would class his solo work as goth but the audiences at his gigs quite often fit that label. Either way, his latest album, Lion, includes this track – Eliza – and the sad old goth inside me approves. [Eliza – Peter Murphy by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 23rd July 2014]

She Wants Peter Murphy

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At some point this blog will stop being about events I’ve attended. But not today. I got into Goth music by accident in my late teens and it quickly became the soundtrack to my life and although I have somewhat more varied tastes these days, Goth is still where my heart is. Bauhaus –  one of the first British goth bands – were a key part of that soundtrack and although they split up years ago, I’ve been lucky enough to see them on a couple of reunion tours and still listen to their music. So, when I heard that Bauhaus lead singer, Peter Murphy was coming to town, along with LA based She Wants Revenge I had to go. She Wants Revenge set list The evening was actually a double headliner show with She Wants Revenge also playing pretty much a full set. I’ve seen them in Vancouver before and liked them enough to buy both their albums. They’ve got a bit of a British Goth feel to them that appeals to me and I’m obviously not alone – they had a lot of very vocal fans in the audience last night and it was a great start to the evening. They mixed in some … Read More