“The way we stalk”

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In celebration of the fact that my wife and I managed to snag tickets to the sold-out-almost-immediately gig The Cure are playing at Christmas…   The Lovecats also happens to be the first song we played at our wedding. Ahhhhhhh. [“The way we stalk” by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 12th November 2014]

“The world is watching”

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As a follow up from the Daisy Chainsaw video from a couple of weeks ago, here’s a track by Queen Adreena (or Queenadreena if you prefer).   A pretty representative track from their first album although later albums get progressively more accessible. [“The world is watching” by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 5th November 2014]

“Shape your image and we’ll all be greedy”

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I seem to remember hating Daisy Chainsaw‘s Love Your Money when it came out (way back in 1991). It’s noisy and on the surface pretty dumb but I was also fascinated with it and ended up buying the single. I honestly don’t remember why. Maybe as a joke. Nine years later, I bought an album called Taxidermy by a band called Queen Adreena (later known as Queenadreena). I don’t remember what prompted me to buy it, I think I just really liked the cover but I loved it. Eventually, I discovered that Daisy Chainsaw and Queenadreena were both formed by singer KatieJane Garside and Crispin Gray. Which led me back to Daisy Chainsaw and their album, Eleventeen. And by that point I was finally ready to admit that I actually quite liked Love Your Money. I listened to Eleventeen again this week and although it’s not as good as their Queenadreena incarnation, it has its moments.   [“Shape your image and we’ll all be greedy” by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 22nd October 2014]

“Happy, happy birthday in a hot bath”

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Since today happens to be my birthday, there was only one choice for this week’s music video – a 1981 classic from Altered Images.   From the album of the same name (available on iTunes if you’re hooked).     [“Happy, happy birthday in a hot bath” by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 15th October 2014]

“Faith for bricks and dreams for mortar”

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The font used on the Saviour cover is very close to Caslon Antique which to me will always be “The Sisters of Mercy font” – it’s the typeface used in their logo and on many of their record covers. The Sisters of Mercy were (and still are) one of my favourite bands. I was introduced to them by a friend who gave me a tape (yes, a cassette tape) of goth music and said “you wear a lot of black, you’ll like this.” I’d never really identified myself as a goth (I just really like black) but he was right. That tape kicked off my love affair with goth music and The Sisters of Mercy featured prominently. I’ve probably listened to their goth anthem, This Corrosion, hundreds of times and they’re still the only band that I’ve followed cross country to watch multiple times in a single tour. In my twenties I was a singer in a couple of bands and my vocal style owed a lot to the Sisters’ lead singer (and the only consistent member of the band), Andrew Eldritch – mostly because I can’t really sing properly. The only video I have of me singing is one of those bands (Spirithouse) performing a cover … Read More

“My mind holds the key”

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October already? Wow. And only two weeks to my birthday. I try to like Arcade Fire. I have a couple (both?) of their albums. I throw them on occasionally and I don’t hate listening to them but they’ve never quite made it into the must listen category. Apart from My Body is a Cage, I guess it appeals to the sad old goth in me. From the album, Neon Bible. [“My mind holds the key” by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 1st October 2014]

Christine – Siouxsie and the Banshees

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A classic Goth track from 1980. Maybe not their most well known song but one of my favourites. From wikipedia: Lyrically the song is about mental illness as it describes Christine, a woman with “22 faces” (“…Personality changes behind her red smile / Every new problem brings a stranger inside / Helplessly forcing one more new disguise…”). The song was inspired by the story of Christine Costner-Sizemore, whose battle with dissociative identity disorder was dramatized in the film The Three Faces of Eve. Two of Christine’s identities, the Strawberry Girl and the Banana Split Lady, are mentioned in the lyrics of the song. The two most extreme characters of this woman were named “Eve White” and “Eve Black”; those combined names became the title of the single’s B-side. [Christine – Siouxsie and the Banshees by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 17th September 2014]

Extraordinary Machine – Fiona Apple

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I suppose given the number of people who will be listening to U2 right now, I should pick a U2 video today but I won’t. I know one or two of their songs because they were played so much when I was growing up but I was more focused on Goth bands like The Mission, The Cure and The Sisters of Mercy. Fiona Apple is not a Goth singer, not even close, but she’s got a quirkiness that I like. I remember very clearly when I first encountered her music. My wife (then girlfriend) and I had made one of our regular trips down to London. We’d go every three or four months to see a few plays, visit Kensington Market and battle up Oxford Street browsing for books and music. On this particular trip (presumably July/August 1996), there were posters everywhere promoting the release of her début album – Tidal. They were just the cover from the album which in turn is just a close up of Apple’s face but for some unknown reason <cough> it got my attention. I ended up buying the album and although it wasn’t my usual sort of music, I enjoyed it. Apple’s releases are intermittent but I have them all and we’ve seen her live in Vancouver when she … Read More

Slipped – The National

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I think it was Caitlin R. Kiernan’s blog that introduced me to The National. I was immediately drawn to their mellow style and the sometimes strange lyrics. We were slated to go to see them live around this time last year but unfortunately life got in the way and we couldn’t go. This is one of my favourite tracks, Slipped from the album Trouble Will Find Me. My favourite line? I’m having trouble inside my skin Unfortunately it doesn’t have an official video.   The band’s website is here. [Slipped – The National by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 3rd September 2014]