“A hairy happy family”

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I can’t believe I didn’t post Molly Lewis’ The Year of the Beard when it was released last year. Time to rectify that.   My wife and I went to see Molly Lewis on a whim a while back and had a great time. I’ve since backed her Patreon campaign and picked up her albums. If you’re into nerdy humour, you might like her stuff.    Get a FREE copy of my short story, Only Friends by subscribing to my newsletter.  [“A hairy happy family” by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 4th February 2015]

Molly Lewis – Live in Vancouver

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No actual writing this week, just more planning, but we did go to our first musical event of the year last night – a gig by Molly Lewis. The first thing I need to mention about this particular show was the venue – a real live human being’s front room. Okay, we weren’t all sitting round the fire in great grandma’s Victorian armchairs or anything like that – this was a loft in Vancouver after all – but there was a sofa and a computer and food in the kitchen and somewhere, a cat. It was also the perfect location to see the charming Molly Lewis play. If you aren’t familiar with her, she plays the ukulele (and sometimes, a kazoo) and sings about Mr T, Stephen Fry, MySpace and beards. Basically, she’s George Formby for the iPhone generation. She also isn’t sure how many songs people expect at a $5 show. In this case the answer was ‘we don’t really care’. I would guess there were about 30-40 people there last night but a lot of them already knew each other so it felt like a group of friends hanging out rather than a gig. Molly’s a great singer and her … Read More