Out Now – Piece Number 7

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I’m very pleased to announce that my latest story, Piece Number 7, is now up on Garbled Transmissions. Piece Number 7 is difficult to classify (at least for me). The best I can come up with is magical realism but I’m hopeless with labels. It’s a pretty old story, I completed it on February 19th, 2006, but because of its length (close to 14,000 words) it was really hard to find markets to submit it to. I’ve always had a soft spot for this particular story so a big thank you to James Payne at Garbled Transmissions for publishing it. I did my first writing of 2013 yesterday, my first writing in a couple of months actually. I started a new story, currently untitled, set on Mars. I got 686 words in before I decided I wasn’t happy with the direction it was going and stopped. This morning I lay in bed mulling over the plot and found a new direction that feels much better. Now I need to find some time this evening to continue writing and get some momentum going.

We Have a Winner – Piece Number 7

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Just breaking unscheduled radio silence for news of my fifth acceptance of the year – my novella Piece Number 7 has been accepted by Garbled Transmissions. Most of the time I’m hopeless at working out what genre my stories are and Piece Number 7 is a case in point. If you backed me into a corner and threatened me with lions I’d say it’s magical realism but who knows? It’s a story about a series of recordings that have a dramatic effect on the listener and a record producer’s quest to find out the truth behind the legend of their composer, Gustav Lang. It’s the longest non-novel story I’ve written and one of my favourites. Not sure when it will be published but I’ll post here when it is. Now, back to our unscheduled radio silence.


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I’ve been battling a cold for the last couple of days which has sidetracked any writing I was planning on doing. On the plus side, working from home did allow me to clear off a huge amount of day job related tasks. I’ve not been living in a total creative wasteland though, I submitted a story to Garbled Transmissions and Ethel the Muse visited last night (well, 2am this morning actually) and I now have a new idea for a short story which I’m going to try to kick off tonight. More on that tomorrow.