Hugos 2013

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I’ve decided to try and lighten my writing workload by taking today off (from my day job) so I’ve just got time to congratulate this year’s Hugo Award winners. Sorry to see Howard Tayler’s Schlock Mercenary didn’t win but I’m a big fan of John Scalzi’s Redshirts, Clarkesworld and Writing Excuses so I’m pleased for them (and Howard Tayler is part of the Writing Excuses team so he’s still a Hugo Award winner). You can get a detailed breakdown of the Hugo voting here and it’s quite interesting. The list of nominations in the Best Semiprozine category pretty much matches my wishlist of publications I’d like to appear in. [Hugos 2013 by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 3rd September 2013]

Two Hundred Submissions

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Not a big writing day yesterday, unfortunately. I did manage to scrape together another 404 words on The Ghost Smuggler but that took me to the end of a chapter and I didn’t want to start another one. I’m going to struggle to find time to do any writing today – I have an early dentist appointment and the first night of our Marathon clinic this evening. I’m still on track for a a 2,500 word week though, thanks to the good start I got on Sunday. I did make my 200th submission last night – This Is Not the Apocalypse You’re Looking For to Clarkesworld – plus a couple more bringing this year’s total submissions to 27. It looks like I’ll easily break last year’s submission tally of 36. Yes, I track all that stuff. The increase in submissions is partly due to me sticking to Heinlein’s Fifth Rule but also because there’s a decent number of good quality markets that measure their response times in weeks or even days rather than months. It’s a lot easier to send a lot of stories out if it doesn’t take long for the rejections to come back. One day I’ll post some stats on … Read More