Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 13 – Rocketing to Earth

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Our journey through the 1936 version of Flash Gordon is nearly over – there’s just one more chapter to go. At the end of last week’s episode we left our heroes sheltering from an attacking rocket ship (seemingly being piloted by their friend Prince Baron). Time to sit down with Flash, Dale and Zarkov for one last time as we watch Chapter 13 – Rocketing to Earth   Flash and the others escape through a convenient trap door, just as the tower is destroyed. Hang on! They cheated! There wasn’t a trap door last week! It turns out Prince Baron has been captured and the rocket ship was under Ming’s control all along. Flash and co clamber out of the wreckage of the tower but Vultan is injured. As they help him back through the tunnels beneath Ming’s palace they see Baron being taken to the dungeons. Flash fights off Ming’s guards and frees Prince Baron. The Flash Mob head back to laboratory, not realising one of Ming’s guards overhead their plan. Back in the laboratory, Zarkov explains that he wants Ming to attack them in the lab because they’ll be able to defend it. Ming falls for Zarkov’s ploy and dispatches guards to capture them and prepare the execution … Read More

Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 12 – Trapped in the Turret

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It’s Saturday so it must be time for the penultimate chapter of the Flash Gordon Rewatch. At the end of the last chapter we left Dale being attacked by a Tigron (that’s a tiger to you and me).   Baron and Flash reach Dale just as she is attacked by the Tigron and, no thanks to Baron, Flash manages to kill the beast. Baron advises Aura that she should bond with Flash by helping him, rather than trying to kill the woman he loves. It’s a crazy idea but it might just work and Aura agrees. Meanwhile, Vultan and Zarkov are subdued by Ming’s guards. Zarkov is ordered to divulge the secret of his invisibility machine but refuses. Aura offers to take Flash and Dale back to her father and convince him to set them free. She takes them to Ming’s throne room and true to her word, Aura stops Ming from capturing Flash. Somewhere along the line Ming gets the impression Aura likes Prince Baron and he agrees that they should live in peace – at least until the earth men leave. To Zarkov’s distress Ming’s men destroy the invisibility machine (which is apparently the flimsiest piece of equipment ever designed and falls apart with one tap). … Read More

Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 11 – In the Claws of the Tigron

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We’re almost at the end of the Flash Gordon Rewatch – just three more episodes to go. When we left Flash last week, he had vanished, just as he was about to be executed by Ming’s guards.   Ah ha! I was right. It was Zarkov and his wondrous “rays” playing tricks on the guards. Gambling with Flash’s life, Zarkov used his experimental ray to render Flash invisible. After a brief moment where it looks like Flash may not reappear, Zarkov successfully reverses the effects of the ray and Flash falls into Dale’s grateful arms. Seeing the invisibility ray as a way to defeat Ming, Flash volunteers to be turned invisible again and heads off to Ming’s throne room. Ming is sceptical when he hears of Flash’s disappearance and orders him captured, dead or alive. Just at that moment, Flash strikes and attacks Ming. Sparing Ming’s life, Flash demonstrates his power by fighting off Ming’s guards and then insists Ming let his friends go. Flash then warns Ming that he will always be watching him and leaves. The High priest claims Flash’s invisibility is caused by the anger of their god but Ming is having none of it. He plans to destroy the invisibility machine but Aura convinces him to … Read More

Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 10 – The Unseen Peril

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I wish I could say I cunningly named my new novel, Glitch Mitchell and the Unseen Planet after this chapter of Flash Gordon and then timed the rewatch so that the two lined up nicely but I didn’t. Still, let’s just pretend I’m that organised and settle down to watch Chapter 10.   At the end of last week’s chapter, Flash had, thanks to the High Priest’s treachery been caught by the Fire Dragon. Luckily for Flash, Zarkov is carrying a hitherto unseen grenade and handily takes down the fearsome Fire Dragon. Zarkov realises Aura has drugged Flash. Our heroes are forced back to the palace where Zarkov will be able to revive him, although he may not be able to reverse the effects of the drug. Some time later, Flash is brought before Ming, ostensibly to receive his reward for defeating the orangopoid – his choice of bride! To Dale’s horror, Flash has no memory of either her or Princess Aura and declines Ming’s offer. Prince Baron, smart cookie that he is realizes Flash must have been given the draught of forgetfulness. Aura makes her move and takes Flash away, promising to explain how he knows her. King Vultan is incensed and promises to get Flash Gordon out … Read More

Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 9 – Fighting the Fire Dragon

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Having survived a sword fight with the Mighty Masked Swordsman of Mongo (who turns out to be Prince Baron, the rightful ruler of the planet and admirer of Princess Aura), Flash finds himself battling an un-killable orangopoid. Let’s see how Flash gets himself out of this mess in Chapter 9 of the Flash Gordon Rewatch – Fighting the Fire Dragon.   Hold on a minute! There wasn’t any talk of ancient legends last week! The High Priest tells Princess Aura about a spear that will apparently kill the orangopoid – presumably because he fancies her too. Aura grabs the spear, gives it Flash, and he does indeed use it to kill the creature. Outraged, Ming makes the High Priest responsible for finding the traitor who told Aura about the spear. The traitor’s punishment will be death. Uh, oh. To Dale’s delight, Vultan demands that Flash and the others be declared free and given the right to choose their brides. Ming stalls and, claiming the battlefield is no place for a party, declares they will be given their freedom (and their wives) in three days. Ming heads back to his palace, and Flash wishes a fond farewell to Prince Thun. As you might expect, once they are … Read More

Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 8 – Tournament of Death

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It’s Saturday so it must be time for Chapter 8 of the Flash Gordon Rewatch. Last week we left Flash with an electrified shovel he was about to use to sabotage the atom furnace powering the rays that keep Vultan’s flying city aloft. So, grab some black and white popcorn and settle down for Chapter 8 – Tournament of Death!   After some rather badly written caption cards we rejoin Flash as he sabotages the atom furnace. The furnace explodes in suitably dramatic fashion but despite the damage, Flash and the others are uninjured. With the atom furnace destroyed, the flying city begins to fall. Flash and Thun go to the throne room to rescue Dale but thanks to Dale’s timely distraction (or is it a betrayal, it’s hard to tell) and Vultan’s annoyance at their continuous interference, Flash and Thun are captured and taken to an execution chamber. Meanwhile, Prince Baron finds Zarkov who explains (sort of) that they can’t rescue Flash until the strength of the beam supporting the city reaches zero. Flash and Thun are brought before a firing squad but thankfully the beam collapses just before they’re shot. As the city begins to fall, Flash and Thun head to the … Read More

Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 7 – Shattering Doom

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Time to find out if Flash survives Chapter 7 of the Flash Gordon Rewatch. Last week’s chapter ended with Flash being electrocuted and Vultan trying to find out if Dale still has feelings for the earth man.   Despte knowing Vultan is testing her loyalty, Dale cannot hide her true feelings towards Flash. She makes a half-hearted attempt to save him, then faints again. Having snuck off at the end of the last episode, Aura appears and rescues Flash by convincing Vultan that murdering Flash would prevent Vultan from hooking up with Dale. Vultan realizes Princess Aura has the hots for Flash and sends him to the laboratory so that Zarkov can save him. Zarkov is interrupted while playing with his new toys. In an effort to save Flash, Zarkov and Aura put Flash in the necrostimulator. They’re cutting it close, but Zarkov thinks it’ll turn out okay. So do I. Dale is still hung up on Flash and is horrified to learn Flash is being given to Princess Aura to take back to Ming. Vultan decides that chasing Dale around while laughing manically is not the best way to win her over and instead tries a few compliments. Dale is not amused. Trying a different tack, Vultan shows off … Read More

Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 6 – Flaming Torture

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An appropriate title for this week’s chapter of the Flash Gordon rewatch – it’s flaming hot here in Vancouver at the moment with no sign of the heat letting up. At the end of last week’s chapter, Dale was being chased around by the King of the hawkmen and professional cackler, Prince Vultan. Flash, Zarkov, Princess Aura and Prince Baron were plummeting to their deaths in Prince Baron’s rocketship.   That was a close call! Baron’s Rocketship is stopped by the gravity defying rays that support the sky city but our heroes are now King Vultan’s prisoners. Prince Baron, being a bit of a pessimist, seems to think this is a really bad development. It turns out to be good for Dale though because King Vultan is interrupted in his harassment of her by the arrival of the prisoners in his throne room. Power couple, Flash and Dale are reunited. Zarkov gets shipped off to another laboratory and Flash and Prince Baron are sent to the furnace room. Vultan finds everything very funny. Again. Unimpressed with the capture of his daughter, Ming launches his rocket fleet and sets off to teach Vultan a lesson. Flash and Prince Baron arrive in the furnace room and rejoin Prince Thun. Flash isn’t happy about … Read More

Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 5 – The Destroying Ray

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In last week’s episode of the Flash Gordon rewatch, Flash, Dale, Princess Aura and Prince Thun were trapped in the palace of the shark men as it floods. Time to find out how they get out of this particular mess… Ming uses a “ray” to counteract the magnetic power that holds the shark palace underwater. Thanks to Ming’s intervention, Kala’s palace rises above the water allowing Flash and the others to escape. Princess Aura wants to return to her father but Flash sides with Prince Thun and the three of them (sorry, four of them,  I forgot about Dale) head off to the lion men’s kingdom. Back in Ming’s palace, Prince Baron approaches Zarkov.  Baron is the true ruler of Mongo and promises to help Zarkov rescue his friends in return for their allegiance. On the way to the lion men’s kindom, Flash and the others are attacked by hawk men. While Flash fends them off, Dale and Thun flee, but they are captured and taken to the King of the hawk men – Vultan. Prince Baron and Zarkov arrive and scare off the last of the hawk men. Prince Baron offers to take Flash in his rocketship to rescue Dale, and despite Aura’s protestations, Flash agrees. … Read More

Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 4 – Battling the Sea Beast

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The Flash Gordon rewatch continues… Last week, Ming “precipitated” Flash and Dale through a trap into the undersea city of the Shark Men were Flash ends up trapped in the arms of an “octosack” and is about to drown.   King Kala forces Dale to watch as Flash battles the eponymous sea beast – at least until she faints. Again. Luckily for Flash, Princess Aura and Prince Thun arrive and force Kala to drain the water. Aura leaves Thun and Dale to stand watch over King Kala while she frees Flash. Despite Kala’s attempts to thwart her, Aura finds and frees Flash. Proving the apple doesn’t fall far from the megalomaniac tree, Aura tells Flash that Dale and Thun have left on a hydrocycle (Hydracycle? Hypercycle? Who knows?) and will meet them on the surface – the lying little minx. Meanwhile, Zarkov and his short shorts are trying to contact Earth (so he is a good guy after all). The signal gets through to Earth where Flash’s dad recognises that it is a message from the mysterious planet that is presumably still on a collision course with Earth. Ming interrupts Zarkov and reveals that he has Kala’s underwater city completely in his control. Continuing to build trust with … Read More