Reading with Wolves

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It’s been a while since I bought a comic – I limit myself to the odd graphic novel these days – but when Caitlin R Kiernan announced Dark Horse were bringing her character, Dancy Flammarion to comics and that Caitlin was writing the script I knew I’d be heading back to the comic store in the near future. I prefer to read full story arcs without breaks so I waited until I’d got all five issues of Alabaster: Wolves and then spent yesterday evening reading the entire story in one sitting – I wasn’t disappointed. Dancy is a teenager who travels the American South, accompanied by an angel, battling monsters as she goes. Alabaster: Wolves tells the story of…well, I’ll let you find that out. Suffice to say, this is a great comic. Steve Lieber’s art and Rachelle Rosenberg’s colours are a great fit and the writing is filled with little Kiernan touches. If you like your comics dark, I highly recommend Alabaster – even if you’re not familiar with Caitlin’s writing. You can preorder the hardback on Amazon, or buy a digital version of the comics (which at the time of writing are on sale) direct from Dark Horse. I’d offer to … Read More