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I’m a member of a very cool Facebook group for fans of zombie books – Reanimated Writers. A bunch of us have put together a series of zombie related blog posts and today it’s my turn. I thought I’d go with a quick rundown of my top five zombies from TV and film – presented in reverse order.

5 – R

R is the hero in Warm Bodies, a fun, romantic comedy horror. Or horror romantic comedy. Or something. Anyway, R, finds himself drawn to a still living woman he saves from a zombie attack. As their relationship develops, R begins to regain his humanity, but like all young couples, the path to love is strewn with undead body parts.

The film is actually based on the first of Isaac Marion’s Warm Bodies books. I haven’t read any of them, but I probably should.

4 – Oberst Herzog

My wife and I saw Dead Snow as part of a horror film festival we attended during our honeymoon. It may even have been on the first night of our honeymoon. Make of that what you will.

Where Warm Bodies is ultimately a feel good, cuddly zombie movie, Dead Snow is a classic, in your face, blood-and-guts-with-a-splash-of-humour horror film about Nazi Zombies attacking a group of medical students who have gone into the mountains for a bit skiing (and partying). It’s not going to win any awards for its script or acting (but then what horror movie does) but it did earn a sequel – Red vs Dead – and Oberst Herzog is a worthy villain.

3 – Summer

Summer or “Little Girl Walker” or “Bunny Slipper Girl” has the distinction of being the first zombie to appear in The Walking Dead TV series – you know, back when it was cool to like The Walking Dead. I’m still a fan of the series and there were so many memorable zombies I could have put together a Top 5 just from The Walking Dead. Maybe next year.

The actress that played Summer, Addy Miler, also appeared in episode 100 as a grown up version of the original character.


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2 – Tarman

Return of the Living Dead is still my favourite zombie movie – thirty odd years after I first saw it. Like all good horror movies, it blends humour and gore and there’s a ton of memorable scenes (and a great soundtrack). Nobody can forget Tarman though.

Tarman was in the running for the top slot in this list, but even he couldn’t topple the best zombie of all time…

1 – Bub

The original Day of the Dead from 1985 is the third of George A. Romero’s “of the Dead” series. It’s an excellent zombie movie, but Bub steals the show. I mean, look at that face as he discovers headphones for the first time. How can you resist?

That’s it for my Top 5. Now it’s your turn. Post your top zombies in the comments.

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[Dead Eyes – A Serial Killer Z Excerpt by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 28th October 2017]



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