A Year in Books – 2016

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Following on from my end of year wrap up, here’s the 101 books I read last year (thanks to Goodreads for the massive image)

That’s a lot of books and almost 8,000 pages more than last year’s total.

Looking back at that lot, there’s a lot of really good books (there were one or two bad ones as well including a couple I didn’t finish and one or two I didn’t post on Goodreads).

It’s hard to pick favourites but here’s some of the best full length books (roughly in the order I read them):

That last one would be my pick for best book I read all year, with Mercedes M. Yardley’s Bram Stoker award winning, Little Dead Red a close second. They’re all worth checking out though.

Plenty of good short stories too, including my favourites:

And finally, I got through a lot of audio books. These were my favourites.

A special mention to The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I listened to them all back to back and enjoyed it a lot. Hard to pick a favourite although Wolves of the Calla is probably up there.

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[A Year in Books – 2016 by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 9th January 2017]

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