Metrics Monday – Now With Graphs

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I’m mildly obsessed with metrics – both at work but especially at home. I suspect it’s my engineering background triggering a bit of OCD. I track my running in three different apps, my food, my weight, body fat and water and of course my writing. I have a couple of spreadsheets for writing – my submissions spreadsheet and my writing log which tracks how much writing I do each day of each type writing – Outlining, New, Revising, Rewriting. Yesterday, I added a weekly summary page with a graph. The graph for last week looks like this: That’s a total of 5,798 words for the week which is actually my third most productive week. Monday was purely a revision day so the wordcount is very small. I’m still working on my methodology for revisions because those invariably end up as a net negative day. That would throw off the metrics so I ignore revision for the overall total words and my OCD demons would like me to find a better way of dealing with that. The two blocks of outlining were a science fiction serial (Wednesday), a monster story (Friday) and In the Shadow of Memories (Sunday). Most of the … Read More


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Yesterday marked the 50th day of my current writing streak. During that time I’ve written 37,950 words, mostly on The Ghost Smuggler. Still a long way to go to beat my 197 day streak I hit back in 2010 but I’m pretty sure it’s the longest streak since then. After a couple of strong weeks, my weekly word count dropped off to 3,196 words – the lowest for eight weeks. That’s not really surprising and I’m expecting the next few weeks to be lower than average. Given that I’m working on short stories at the moment, I’m going to be doing plenty of revising. I don’t have a reliable way of counting the words I’m adding during the revision process so that time will show up as 0 word days. If I’m revising in Google Docs, I may be able to use Jamie Todd Rubin’s scripts to get me part of the way there and then process them myself to get the revision stats. I might try that this week and see how I get on. My OCD gets all twitchy when I ‘lose’ data on my writing. [50 by Philip Harris was first posted on Solitary Mindset on 19th August … Read More

Vital Statistics 2012

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Here’s the rundown of my writing stats from 2012 (numbers in brackets are values from 2011). Stories sold: 5 (1) Writing time:  64.2 hours (114.6) Total word count :  34,520 (24,418) Short story word count: 3,945 (24,418) Average words per hour:  626 (408) Average words per day (full year):  94 (67) Days of writing: 48 (70) Average words per day of writing:  719 (207) First drafts completed:  3 short stories (6 short stories) Final drafts completed: 7 short stories (5) New flash fiction stories completed:  1 (3) New submissions:  50* (36) New markets submitted to:  21 (26) Submissions still outstanding: 4 Writing blog posts:  56 (53) *Plus two ‘chapters’ submitted to the Clive Barker project on deviantART 2012 was clearly the year of the submission. I think there’s a couple of reasons for that. I have 20-25 stories that I’m comfortable sending out and there are now quite a few high quality markets that have quick turnarounds so I get the bad news and can submit elsewhere quicker than in the past. Most of those stories are sitting in the to-submit pile at the moment so the first thing I’m going to be doing next year is getting them all out … Read More

Vital Statistics 2011

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A good writing year this year, at least as far as completed short stories goes (values in brackets are the numbers from 2010) Stories sold: 1 (1) Writing time: 114.6 hours (149.2) Total word count : 24,418 (119,514) Average words per hour: 408 (877) Average words per day: 67 (327) Average words per day of writing: 207 (583) First drafts completed: 6 short stories (2 short stories, 1 novel) Final drafts completed: 5 short stories (0) New flash fiction stories completed: 3 (1) New submissions: 36 (23) New markets submitted to: 26 (14) Submissions still outstanding: 14 Writing blog posts: 53 (0) Day job blog posts: 12 (0) Overall I’m pretty happy with those numbers, bearing in mind that 2010 was focused on writing the first draft of The Ghost Smuggler, whereas this year was all about short fiction and even then, most of the writing took place in the last half of the year. I’ve also been very busy with my day job and my wife and I trained for, and ran, four half-marathons. So that wraps up 2011. Thanks for dropping by, I hope you all had a great year and that next year is even better.