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Yesterday marked the 50th day of my current writing streak. During that time I’ve written 37,950 words, mostly on The Ghost Smuggler. Still a long way to go to beat my 197 day streak I hit back in 2010 but I’m pretty sure it’s the longest streak since then.

After a couple of strong weeks, my weekly word count dropped off to 3,196 words – the lowest for eight weeks. That’s not really surprising and I’m expecting the next few weeks to be lower than average. Given that I’m working on short stories at the moment, I’m going to be doing plenty of revising. I don’t have a reliable way of counting the words I’m adding during the revision process so that time will show up as 0 word days.

If I’m revising in Google Docs, I may be able to use Jamie Todd Rubin’s scripts to get me part of the way there and then process them myself to get the revision stats. I might try that this week and see how I get on. My OCD gets all twitchy when I ‘lose’ data on my writing.

[50 by Philip Harris was first posted on Solitary Mindset on 19th August 2013]

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