Vital Statistics 2011

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A good writing year this year, at least as far as completed short stories goes (values in brackets are the numbers from 2010)

Stories sold: 1 (1)
Writing time: 114.6 hours (149.2)
Total word count : 24,418 (119,514)
Average words per hour: 408 (877)
Average words per day: 67 (327)
Average words per day of writing: 207 (583)
First drafts completed: 6 short stories (2 short stories, 1 novel)
Final drafts completed: 5 short stories (0)
New flash fiction stories completed: 3 (1)
New submissions: 36 (23)
New markets submitted to: 26 (14)
Submissions still outstanding: 14
Writing blog posts: 53 (0)
Day job blog posts: 12 (0)

Overall I’m pretty happy with those numbers, bearing in mind that 2010 was focused on writing the first draft of The Ghost Smuggler, whereas this year was all about short fiction and even then, most of the writing took place in the last half of the year. I’ve also been very busy with my day job and my wife and I trained for, and ran, four half-marathons.

So that wraps up 2011. Thanks for dropping by, I hope you all had a great year and that next year is even better.

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