Extraordinary Machine – Fiona Apple

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I suppose given the number of people who will be listening to U2 right now, I should pick a U2 video today but I won’t. I know one or two of their songs because they were played so much when I was growing up but I was more focused on Goth bands like The Mission, The Cure and The Sisters of Mercy. Fiona Apple is not a Goth singer, not even close, but she’s got a quirkiness that I like. I remember very clearly when I first encountered her music. My wife (then girlfriend) and I had made one of our regular trips down to London. We’d go every three or four months to see a few plays, visit Kensington Market and battle up Oxford Street browsing for books and music. On this particular trip (presumably July/August 1996), there were posters everywhere promoting the release of her début album – Tidal. They were just the cover from the album which in turn is just a close up of Apple’s face but for some unknown reason <cough> it got my attention. I ended up buying the album and although it wasn’t my usual sort of music, I enjoyed it. Apple’s releases are intermittent but I have them all and we’ve seen her live in Vancouver when she … Read More