14 Days to Go

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It’s been a while since I mentioned running here so I thought I’d rectify that. As of today, there’s two weeks to go before my next race – the Beat … Read More

Nothing to See Here

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What running shoe problem? I don’t have a running shoe problem.   At least I use them for something positive. [Nothing to See Here by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on … Read More


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Four seconds. That’s all I would have had to find somewhere on the Vancouver Marathon course to beat my personal best of 4:18:25 for the full marathon. Dammit. Still, I did … Read More

Into the Final Week

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In seven days time, I will be running the BMO Vancouver Marathon. It will be my fifth marathon and the third time I’ve run the Vancouver course but I have no idea how … Read More


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The recommended preparation for a half-marathon is to rest as much as possible the week before, with just a couple of short, slow runs to keep your fitness ticking over. … Read More


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I learned a valuable race-prep lesson on Friday. Take a taxi to the bus station when you’re travelling to Victoria with a heavy suitcase. We didn’t. Instead, we opted for … Read More

T Minus Four

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Only four sleeps to go until my wife and I run our second Victoria Marathon. Last year, my time was 4:41:24. It was a warm day, I got pretty dehydrated … Read More

Racing Weight

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Today I hit my “racing weight” and by that I mean the completely arbitrary and suspiciously round 160 lbs I picked at the start of our training. One of the things … Read More