Two Podcasts

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I listen to quite a few podcasts, a lot of them writing related, but there’s a couple of more general podcasts that I’ve discovered recently that I’m really enjoying. The first, Geeks of a Certain Age, features Chris Pourteau and Hank Garner talking about all things geek – from movies to books to TV. GoaCA is loosely aimed at 40-something year olds (so people a lot older than me <cough>) but it is, as they say, fun for all ages. Although Hank and Chris are both authors, this is a general podcast that’s basically two guys (and occasional guests) having a chat about pretty much anything that takes they’re geeky fancy. You can find the latest episode right here. Next up is the brand new podcast from The Leighgendarium– 30 Minute Author Interviews. You may recognise The Leighgendarium as one of the blogs that interviewed me around the launch of Glitch Mitchell and the Unseen Planet. Preston launched the site’s new podcast today and would you believe, it features Hank Garner. I’ve got no idea how Hank finds time to write with all these podcasts but still, it’s a really interesting interview, very professional and entertaining, which bodes well for future episodes.  You can find the … Read More

How to Write Every Day

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On 30th June 2013, I sat down and decided I would start writing every single day. I haven’t missed a day since – which means a couple of weeks ago I hit the two year mark in my writing streak. I’ve already posted a by-the-numbers breakdown of my streak so far, but I thought I’d also post a few tips on how I’ve kept that streak running. I’m talking specifically about writing here, but the same principles apply to forming other habits – like running or push ups or monkey juggling. So, here are my tips for anyone trying to get the writing habit to stick. CHOOSE YOUR GOAL WISELY The first thing you need to do is decide what habit you’re trying to form. I kept mine very simple – write or edit some fiction every day (blogging doesn’t count). No word count goals, no time goals. As long as I write at least one word, I’m done. In reality, I try to get down at least 100 words, otherwise I feel like I cheated. The key here is to not overstretch yourself. Pick something that you are confident you can achieve. It’s very easy to get overexcited and commit to something that’s too hard. Goals like “write 10,000 words a day” or “write a novel … Read More

Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing

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I’ve been listening to the Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing podcast for quite a while now and it’s usually good but the latest episode (168) is one of their best and really struck a chord with me. The podcast covers a mix of publishing chatter and author interviews – they’ve had people like Michael Moorcock, Patrick Rothfuss and Elizabeth Bear on in the past and I’ve discovered a lot of good writers by listening to the show. Each episode is around an hour or so and will usually get me through a visit to the gym quite nicely. Episode 168 features an interview with Jennifer Brozek, Mark Teppo and Mary Robinette Kowal recorded by Sandra Wickham at the Rainforest Writer’s Retreat. There’s lots of talk about the process of writing and some excellent no nonsense advice and I found it very inspiring. Highly recommended.