Out Now – On the Finding of the Body

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My Who Killed Amanda Palmer? inspired piece, On the Finding of the Body is now up on Brown God. I call it a “piece” rather than a story because it’s more poem than prose but I don’t know that I’d go as far as to say it actually is a poem. I originally wrote it intending to submit it to a website built around Amanda Palmer’s Who Killed…? album but I never did. It languished on my hard drive for months until I eventually started submitting it. Brown God was the second market I sent it to and I think it fits the site very well.

We Have a Winner – On the Finding of the Body

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Excellent news to break my extended silence. Brown God – an new online journal has accepted one of my stories – On the Finding of the Body. It will be published in their May issue. I’m really pleased, not just because it’s the first acceptance of the year but also because this will make the fifth year in a row that I’ve had a story published. I don’t think I’ve mentioned my vague OCD tendencies but maintaining that streak makes me happy in ways it probably shouldn’t. Anyway, back to work (okay…back to the ice hockey playoffs). * The picture may make more sense when you read the story – you are going to read the story aren’t you?

Wet and Grey

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It’s another very wet and grey day in Vancouver. I guess no snow is a good thing but still, I’ve had enough of the rain. So, what’s being going on. Ah yes, Tuesday was tying-up-loose-ends day. I finished the final drafts of a couple of stories – the horticultural science fiction tale, F Bomb, and a piece of flash fiction that could be a poem instead called On the Finding of the Body. Body as I like to call it, was actually written at some point last year and was inspired by Amanda Palmer’s Who Killed Amanda Palmer album. I think originally I was going to submit it to one of her websites but I never got round to it. Anyway, I tweaked it a little bit and moved it to the glorious Finished folder. Tuesday was also the day that the critique of The Ghost Smuggler arrived from Jeff VanderMeer. He’s provided lots of great feedback and some very insightful comments and suggestions. Now I just need to work out what to do with it all. In the evening submitted I four more stories including Body. F Bomb will go out later this week. Wednesday morning was mostly filled with writing but it was for my … Read More