Free Fiction – Stains

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Not a lot happening on the writing front at the moment, I’ve been distracted by work and the new XCom game, but I did dust off my word processor to create an entry for Odyssey II – a crowdsourced story that’s being created on deviantART. It’s an interesting project – a nine “chapter” story created one chapter at a time with none other than Clive Barker providing the prologue to get things started. The constraints are pretty tight – there’s less than five days to get each chapter submitted and a 400-ish word limit – but it seemed like a fun way to get the creative juices flowing so I decided to give it a whirl. My first piece didn’t get picked so I decided that I’d cross-post it here. You’ll need to read the prologue to get the context – it’s on deviantART – but basically our hero, Paul, has ended up with a splash of vomit on his trousers after encountering someone having some sort of fit on the London Underground. Stains Twenty minutes in the shower, soaping and scrubbing and rinsing, and still Paul’s imagination wouldn’t let go of that damn vomit. He could feel it relentlessly seeping into … Read More

Out Now – Hidden

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Just a quick note that my new story – Hidden – is now up at Every Day Fiction. It’s a little bit of a departure for me because there aren’t really any speculative fiction elements but it’s actually one of my favourite stories. I hope you enjoy it and I’d welcome any comments you have, either here or on the Every Day Fiction site. [Philip Harris]

Free Fiction – Marker

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This is a slightly modified version of my entry to yesterday’s Tuesday Tales flash fiction competition. Even with only 100 words to play with I can still find something to tweak every time I read it. The goal for Tuesday Tales is to write a story of 100 words or less given an image as a prompt. The story also has to include a ‘secret word’. This week’s secret word was “Conglomerate”. Marker “Madam President, the representative from the People’s Conglomerate of China is here.” The President sighed, the deadline had barely expired. “Already? Okay, I’ll be there in a moment.” She stood on the balcony, watching the fireworks light up the Space Needle and the city around it; listening to the awe of the crowd. She’d thought coming here would delay the inevitable a little longer but at least the debt would be cleared. Eventually, as the fireworks reached their crescendo, she turned and walked inside. The Chinese representative already had the paperwork, ready for her to sign over the country.

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I guess I should know better than to make plans by now. A friend I hadn’t seen for several years dropped by my office yesterday with some tickets to see the Vancouver Canucks play the Colorado Avalanche. I’m not a huge sports fan but I do enjoy watching ice hockey. Probably because 1) It’s fast – team’s can go from winning to losing, literally in a few seconds of game time 2) It’s the first time where my local sports team has actually stood a chance of winning anything 3) I live in Canada It was a great game. The Vancouver Canucks won six to nothing and there were smokies, mini donuts and beer. No work on F Bomb although I did produce an entry for Tuesday Tales 18 – Break. You can find a link to it on the Free Fiction page.  

Free Fiction – Break

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Break “You want to be a what when you grow up? A sassinak? I bet you don’t even know what that is.” “Yes, I do. They’re like pirates only they come from England.” I rolled my eyes and put my head in my hands. My little sister; a different stupid dream every day. As I stared at the floor, I noticed a colourful piece of paper lying beneath our bench. It was the cover from an old magazine, from before the war. It showed a picture of a woman in a pink uniform, a stewardess on an airline maybe. She was young, beautiful. I imagined her waiting for her plane to arrive to take her across the world to incredible places. The picture said one thing to me. Opportunity. “That’s what I want to be,” I said to my sister. She picked up the paper and stared at it without saying anything. “Ha,” said a bitter voice. It was Warder Clarke, her club twitching menacingly as she glared down at us through the battered metal cage of her faceguard. “You won’t be getting off this rock for a very long time. Now, grab those drills and get back to work.” … Read More

Free Fiction – Aftermath

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Aftermath “This is what happens?” said Nathan. The creature nodded. A thin trickle of frozen green pus dangled from the scratch Nathan had left in its cheek. “But I didn’t realize.” The creature shrugged. “Is there anything I can do?” The creature looked around the frozen wasteland and scratched its head. Grimacing with concentration, it poked around in its ear for a moment and then tugged a few wiry hairs free. Nathan watched the creature twist the hairs into a tiny braid. The creature opened its mouth and mimed swallowing the braid and then handed it to Nathan. Nathan shuddered. Story originally submitted to the Tuesday Tales 17 Flash Fiction competition. This is an example of a story where I took Anne McCaffrey’s advice so there’s a detailed back story behind those 100 words. Maybe one day I’ll extend it into a full length story.