UnCommon Bodies Q&A: Keira Michelle Telford

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For my┬áthird UnCommon Bodies interview, I’m talking to Keira Michelle Telford about her dark erotic story, All the Devils. What attracted you to the UnCommon Bodies project? There aren’t many projects that welcome the particular uncommon body I like to write about! When I saw the call for submissions for UnCommon Bodies, I nearly peed myself with excitement. Usually I’m too weird for people. But in UnCommon Bodies, I fit right in! ­čÖé Tell us about your lead character, what makes them UnCommon? My lead character is a futa woman, which means she has a fully functioning penis in addition to her vagina. What inspired you to write All the Devils? Futanari fascinates me. I think there’s a lot of potential in the subject matter, and I believe I’m writing it in a unique way. I don’t know of any other authors who are truly incorporating it into lesbian romance and erotica in an authentically lesbian-oriented way, and this is something I’ve always wanted to explore. What are you most proud of about the story? The futanari genre (if one can call it a genre all unto itself) is saturated with bad erotica. Futa women are usually written as a … Read More