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Hugh Howey, author of the Wool series and darling of the indie publishing world, has fired another salvo at traditional publishing. In fact, he appears to have launched a fully armed and operational battle station¬†– The primary aim of the site is to “gather and share information so that writers can make informed decisions” and the first report is already up. It’s well worth a read, Howey makes a lot of interesting points.¬†The main conclusion he comes to is that all authors, even those with stellar deals, are better off self-publishing and at first glance it looks like he’s right. There are some inevitable weaknesses in the data – it’s gathered from Amazon rankings and the number of sales required to achieve a particular rank is only partly understood – but still, the argument is compelling and the data used to create the report can be downloaded and dissected by skeptics and supporters alike. The only part I’m wary of is the jump from daily revenue to annual income. You have to make a whole bunch of assumptions to make that particular leap. So far the response seems to have been favourable but no doubt the critics will be … Read More

Self-Publishing and Me

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Welcome to the first Meaty Monday. Meaty Mondays will be a series of writing focused posts that appear – as the name suggests – on a Monday. I can’t promise they’ll be any more interesting or more useful than my normal posts or even if they’ll appear every Monday, but they will be longer. This week, I’m going to talk about my puzzling attitude towards self-publishing, or indie publishing as it’s called nowadays. I have a very strange relationship with self-publishing. I’ve self-published any number of video games and other pieces of software. In fact, I spent over seven years doing just that and that was before the iPhone kick-started the current golden age of independent game development. Even now, I still harbour secret desires to go indie again and crank out some of my own games for iPhone and iPad. If I was still in a band, I’d be out there building websites, uploading recordings to iTunes and Bandcamp and hawking t-shirts, coffee mugs and limited edition hand warmers to anyone who strayed too close. If I could draw, I’d have my own online comic strip. And the t-shirts, coffee mugs, limited edition hand warmers and the hawking. But … Read More