Sunday Snippet – 25th February 2024

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It’s been a while since I did a Sunday Snippet, but I’m lining up a new release, so I thought I’d pull something from that.

This is the opening of Monstro, a short story set in the world of my Serial Killer Z series. I’ll be giving this away through my mailing list. So, if you haven’t signed up, now is a great time. Currently, I’m giving away a free collection of short stories called, Reflections of an Unraveling World.

As always, this isn’t edited yet.

Otto was partying when the zombies arrived. He was in the garden of his Hollywood Hills mansion surrounded by some of the biggest names in entertainment. The ones that mattered to him, anyway. A DJ pounded out the tunes while half a dozen wannabe models circulated with tiny pieces of food with names that Otto couldn’t pronounce. The guests fawned over each other, piling on the hyperbolic praise and the false modesty. It was Hollywood at its most fake, and Otto loved it all.

He swept through the partygoers, darting from one conversation to the next.

“Thanks for the tickets to the fight, Otto.”

“Anytime, Jake. Good luck with that audition.”

“Otto, have you met Jackie? She’s in town from Memphis, and I think she might be good for that thing we talked about.”

“Jackie! Fantastic. Great to meet you. Steve, put her in touch with my team and we’ll talk.”

“Hey, Otto? When are we going to see Reeves defend his title?”

“Soon, Barry, very soon.”

He continued on, pressing palms, laughing at jokes, winking lasciviously at the actresses (and a few of the actors) until a lean, muscular man wearing nothing but a sparkling jockstrap and a sailor hat grabbed his arm and dragged him into a burgeoning conga line.

[Sunday Snippet – 25th February 2024 by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 25th February 2024]

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