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2290 words.

Unfortunately, it was 2290 words on the wrong thing. It’s a new story, workingly titled The Witch House, and it was intended for a Trick or Treat themed writing contest. But the guidelines were a little bit more specific than that and the story didn’t fit. It was also 790 words too long.

Not ideal, but it’s been a while since I finished even a first draft of a new story, and I’m pretty happy with the results so that’s good.

The lull in writing has been down to a couple of things. Partly the pre-apocalyptic hellscape we’re living in at the moment and partly the drain on my creative energy from my day job. Oh,  and given that I’ve been working from home, a complete absence of enthusiasm for sitting in the same office in front of the same computer for fourteen+ hours a day.

There’s a creative shift happening, though. I can feel it. It just needs a gentle push and I’ll be back to writing regularly. Partly because I’m back working in a real office at the moment, but more importantly because I really enjoyed writing that wrong story and I want to write something else. Hopefully the right story this time.

Will it happen? Who knows. Stick around and we can both find out together.

[I Wrote Something by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 15th November 2023]

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