Normal Service is Resumed (Mostly)

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If you’ve tried to visit the site over the last couple of days you’ll have been greeted with either a broken site or a maintenance notice.

The issue was caused by a WordPress update that broke the theme I use. I’d resigned myself to replacing the theme (which is probably a good idea anyway) but then a new version of the theme that fixed the problem was released.

Of course, by then I’d half-switched to a different theme so it’s taken a few hours to unravel the mess and I’ve lost the fonts I was using so we’re not quite back where we were. And I’ve lost some sidebar content for some reason.

Close enough, though.

Now I just need to start posting a bit more frequently.

[Normal Service is Resumed (Mostly) by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 30th June 2023]

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