Darknet by Matthew Mather

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Just a quick post to highlight the fact that Matthew Mather’s new book Darknet is now available.

I read an ARC of this and really enjoyed it.



Here’s the description:

One minute Jake O’Connell is on top of the world with a beautiful family and bright future as a stock broker in New York. The next minute it’s all ripped away when he’s embroiled in a fraud investigation, his childhood friend is murdered and he finds himself on the run. Dodging the FBI and targeted by the mob, Jake is thrown into a Wall Street underworld of cryptocurrencies and autonomous corporations where he discovers a dark secret setting the world on a path to destruction. He must evade the shadowy forces hunting him and find a way to redemption–but the faster he runs, the deeper he becomes entangled. In the end, his only path forward is to return to the ghosts of his past.

And here’s the thoughts I posted a couple of months ago:

Although I haven’t read any of Mather’s other books, I will be in the future. I really enjoyed Darknet. It’s fast paced with plenty of twists and I kept finding myself picking it up to read when I should be doing things like sleeping. Mather weaves a lot of high-tech threads into the story, but they’re all very plausible, and everything wraps up nicely. At times, the book reminded me of William Gibson’s more recent books – it has the same sort of street-level perspective of future technology.

I don’t read a lot of technothrillers, and my tech background can make them tough going if they’re done badly. But Darknet was great and I picked up both The Atopia Chronicles and The Dystopia Chronicles on the strength of Darknet.

So, if technothrillers are your thing, give it a try.

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[Darknet by Matthew Mather by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 13th March 2015]

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