Daily Science Fiction Redux

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I was going to write a post about Daily Science Fiction today but I discovered I’ve already done that so I’m just going to post it again here.

I’ve recently signed up to the Daily Science Fiction mailing list. As the name suggests, they email a new science fiction story to subscribers every weekday. Most days the stories are short (less than 1000 words) but Friday’s story is longer. Stories are also posted and archived on the website a week after their email publication.

Obviously, with so many stories nobody is going to love all of them but the short length makes them very easy to read. I’ve made the daily email one of my daily rituals and I look forward to seeing a new tale in my inbox every morning. Highlights for me over the last couple of weeks have been Butterfly Shaped Objects by George Potter, A Stitch in Space-time by Nicky Drayden and Gifted and Talented by Sadie Mattox.

Overall the quality is consistently good and Daily Science Fiction is on my short fiction market bucket list. I haven’t cracked it yet, but I will. One day.

[Daily Science Fiction Redux by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 15th April 2014]

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