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A good writing day yesterday. I clocked up nine hundred and fifty eight words and completed the first draft of the story currently known as Rainshine. The first draft wound up at 3362 words, a bit longer than I’d originally thought but pretty much an average length for me.

I’m pretty happy with this one, now comes the time to put it aside and let it age for a couple of weeks. Hopefully that will give me a bit of distance so that I can come back with a fresh perspective when I come to revise it. Maybe I’ll also have my final title by then.

After the I’d finished writing Rainshine, we caught up on the latest episode of Supernatural.

[Slight spoiler ahead]

I don’t watch a lot of TV – too many other things to do – but Supernatural is one of the few series that’s a must see. We’ve reached Season 7 though and its starting to feel like it might be time to wrap things up. I still enjoy it, although less so since we lost Castiel, but I’d rather it ended on a high rather than degenerate into mediocrity the way The X-Files did.

This week we also watched the last episode the UK series, Bedlam. Although there were some spooky moments, this one never really hooked me – the haunted-tenant-of-the-week concept got tired pretty quickly. The last episode ended with the obligatory cliffhanger but seemed disjointed and rushed which left me wondering whether it had been edited for length.

Today is movie day – we’re heading out to see a couple of films and will probably watch something at home as well. I’m also thinking of picking up the DVDs of the latest series of Doctor Who.

But first – more writing.

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