The Ghost Smuggler is my first novel. It’s currently undergoing a full rewrite and you can read about my progress in my blog.

Kaei Hunter is looking for someone who will get him killed, or worse.

Kaei’s dubious employment history brings him to the attention of Jane Foster. Jane’s husband, Barnett, is dead and she wants Kaei to help her find out who killed him and why. To do that, he needs to find a Ghostwalker, one of a race of people able to walk with the spirits of the recently dead. Unfortunately, Ghostwalkers no longer exist, and even if they did, associating with them is punishable by realignment, a violent and painful process that reduces the victim to a drooling automaton.

Prompted by a visit from a pair of psychopathic creditors, Kaei agrees to help Jane. So begins a journey that sees him team up with a water daemon named Kiro to find the last Ghostwalker. Their search takes them deep beneath the city, into the clutches of a crime lord obsessed with mechanical body augmentation and in the process uncovers a macabre plot involving the city’s ruling Priesthood.

The Ghost Smuggler is a fast moving science fiction tale set in the desert city of Karabar and a dreamlike world inhabited by the spirits of the dead.

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