Weapons of Mass Deception by David Bruns and JR Olson

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A while ago I read a short story by David Bruns called I, Caroline. It’s a well written, emotional tale and I really enjoyed it. I’ve read several other short stories by David and they’ve been very good. He also has a several full length novels out including The Dream Guild Chronicles series and they’re sitting in my to be read pile. Now David has teamed up with J. R. Olson (graduates of the US Naval Academy with a combined 35 years of service in the US Navy) and they’ve release a military thriller – Weapons of Mass Deception. Here’s some info on the book… A military thriller by two US Navy veterans that could be ripped from today’s headlines Patriot Games meets The Fourth Protocol in this riveting story of modern-day nuclear terrorism. In 2003, the world watched as coalition forces toppled Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, then searched—unsuccessfully—for the weapons of mass destruction they were certain existed. None were ever found, but they do exist. On the eve of the invasion, a handful of nuclear weapons was smuggled out of Iraq and hidden in the most unlikely of places—Iran. Now, as the threat of WMDs fades into a late-night punch line, a shadowy Iranian faction waits for the … Read More