Zombie Q&A: Grivante

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To celebrate the launch of Serial Killer Z, I’ve got a bit of a zombie theme going on for this month and I’ve lined up a series of interviews with a few zombie authors. Today, I’m talking to Grivante, author of The Zee Brothers series. Hi Grivante, tell us about your zombie book… My series is The Zee Brothers: Zombie Exterminators, two brothers trying to keep the zombie apocalypse at bay, one job at a time. Get book 1 at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013Z3K06W/ or the new boxed set including books 1 & 2 and a bonus story at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074ZVXY5X/ Why do you write about zombies? I’ve loved them since I was a kid and got hooked on the original Dawn of the Dead movie and the Deadworld series of comic books. What would be the most deadly non-human zombie? This could go one of two ways. Something big and powerful like a Zombear or minuscule like Zom-Ants or other tiny insect. We wouldn’t be able to stay away from them and would have to leave the planet in sterile spaceships to escape them. What’s your favourite zombie videogame? Resident Evil 4 and pretty much any COD Zombies game. Do you prefer fast … Read More