Twitter is Great

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I don’t use Twitter that much but I do enjoy the bizarre nature of some of the interactions. Yesterday morning, one of Vancouver’s seagulls was sitting right outside my window and making a hell of a racket. As I was sitting at a PC at the time, I posted this: Wow, that seagull is very loud. — Philip Harris (@SolitaryMindset) August 26, 2014 Shortly afterwards I got this reply @SolitaryMindset yes I am — Simon The Seagull (@SStupidseagull) August 26, 2014 For reasons I don’t quite understand, the idea that there is someone out there in the world tweeting as a seagull makes me smile. Or very scared because there’s a seagull out there somewhere that knows how to use a smartphone. [Twitter is Great by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 27th August 2014]