Metrics Monday – 28th July 2014

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A total of 6,406 words on The Zombie Novel last week. A bit of a slow start on this one initially. I have a good outline and I’ve actually written a few bits and pieces to get a feel for things but the first few days were a bit of a struggle. Sunday was completely open though so I spent the whole morning writing and that seemed to get things going nicely. In the end, I had to drag myself away from Scrivener to get the other things I was supposed to be doing done. This week I’m hoping to get the last bits of feedback from the Leah beta readers and line up an editor for that for sometime in August. Which means I’ll have to do another draft of that in the next couple of weeks but hopefully that won’t be a big time suck. [Metrics Monday – 28th July 2014 by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 29th July 2014]

Structural Integrity at 73%

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On Thursday afternoon I pulled up The Ghost Smuggler and started the revision process. I’m starting with a high level look at the overall structure, looking for holes, ripping out the weak parts and adding more conflict, more plot and anything else I can think of that will make it a better book. I’m experimenting with Scrivener at the moment so I’ll be using it for the second draft. It will be a good test but I’m also starting to really like the way Scrivener lets me jump around, view multiple parts of the manuscript and generally work more efficiently. The only downside is that I will only be able to work at my main PC, no sitting on the bed with my Chromebook. Still, I don’t like editing on a laptop anyway. To kick things off, I needed to move my full manuscript from Word into Scrivener. If you’re not familiar with Scrivener, basically it breaks a novel/story/script into chunks that you can manage individually. It makes it easier to move around the document, reorder scenes etc. In my case I went with one ‘chunk’ per chapter but it could easily be one per scene. Scrivener imports Word docs and has a … Read More