“Just one Cornetto”

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A change of pace this week. I met Pookiesnackenburger at my home town’s annual carnival/country fair thing, many years ago. They’re one of four things I remember from those annual fairs: An appearance by motorcycle stunt rider, Eddie Kidd. There wasn’t enough room for him to do a full length jump. An appearance by the cast from the Planet of the Apes TV show. Thinking about it now, they were in make-up so I doubt they were the real actors – another childhood memory shattered. Meeting “Troll” the founder of the local RPG club that I went on to frequent. This bunch of weirdos:   For those of you who don’t recognise the song (either because you’re not from the UK or you’re too young), this is the advert they’re imitating. I met the band after they played (probably to get their autographs – I wonder what happened to my old autograph books?) and they told me about a gig they were playing at a nearby pub. I ended up going and then running home after the show to borrow some money from my brother to buy their records. Yes…their vinyl records (true story – it just took me four or five attempts to spell vinyl. How times … Read More