UnCommon Bodies Q&A: Pavarti K. Tyler

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Launch day for the UnCommon Bodies anthology has arrived! UnCommon Bodies features my short science fiction story Phantom Pain plus 19 other excellent tales. The anthology is themed around the title rather than genre which means there’s a wide range of stories – everything from science fiction to magical realism to horror (there’s some sexually explicit material too) – but every one of them is uncommonly original (see what I did there?). Here’s the publisher’s description: Step right up to the modern freakshow — We have mermaids, monsters, and more. You won’t be disappointed, but you may not get out alive. UnCommon Bodies presents a collection of 20 beautifully irreverent stories which blend the surreal and the mundane. Together, the authors explore the lives of the odd, the unbelievable, and the impossible. Imagine a world where magic exists, where the physical form has the power to heal or repulse, where a deal with the devil means losing so much more than your soul. You can buy the book on Amazon right now and if you’d like to chat with some of the authors and have a chance at winning some great prizes the launch party takes place on Facebook this evening. Over the last couple … Read More